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About Us

Veterans Benefits, Explained Simply

Money for Vets is a free online resource dedicated to finding and explaining Veteran benefits to Vets and military members!

We focus on taking existing information from around the web and summarizing it into more easily understood short blogs. Because the fact is that there are tons of amazing Veteran benefits out there, but it's hard to know about them all and sometimes hard to figure out exactly how to get them. 

Transition Assistance

Money for Veterans features resources on resume and cover letter writing, interview tactics, and other vocational information relevant to service members who transitioned out of the military.

We know how hard it is because we've been there! You are not alone and there's no reason to "reinvent the wheel." We like to share lessons learned about post-transitional employment in the civilian world. 

Getting money isn't just about finding Veteran benefits, but using your Veteran status to help secure a good-paying job when possible.  

You Served. Now You Deserve Your Benefits

We offer motivation for eligible Vets to actually take advantage of what is owed them. All too often, Veterans are really humble people who don't take the time to go out there and get what rightfully belongs to them. We encourage Veterans to do that, for their family's sake if not their own.