Best Jobs for Veterans


When I'm not busy working or keeping my kids entertained, I'm either adding content to this site or creating content for some of my writing clients--one of which is G.I.Jobs, a great resource for Vets looking for civilian employment. I'm never one to reinvent the wheel so I thought I'd summarize and share some of the info they feature on their site, because frankly it's a LOT!  

Career Page

Their Careers Page is amazing. Featuring hundreds of thousands of jobs all over the world and within a wide variety of sectors, this resource truly has something for everyone. It's easy to search by industry or location, and keep in mind, these are featured employers who are specifically looking to hire Veterans!

Jobs for Veterans Blog

One of the areas I write content for on occasion is their blog for Jobs for Veterans. Here you can get the in-depth scoop on specific careers, what the day-to-day work is like, what the qualifications are, how much they pay, and what the long term outlook is. These snapshots are good for transitioning military members who aren't quite sure what they want to do on the outside.

Hots Jobs for Veterans List

If you prefer a list of the hottest jobs out there for Veterans, the G.I.Jobs annual list will get you the info you want. Not as in-depth as the individual career explorations in their blog, these lists will let you quickly scan the main points and then you can launch into some more research once you see something that interests you. 

Sponsored Employers

Want to view an alphabetical list of sponsored employers who paid to advertise so they can get their word out to you about their companies? Look no further. Think about it, these are companies who are actively recruiting military members and going out of their way to connect with you. Isn't that the type of company you'd want to work for? 

O*Net Military Crosswalk

So maybe you've found a job you are interested in but want some help translating your military background into civilian terminology? That's where the O*Net Military Crosswalk comes in! 

Best of luck!

- Matt