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Why Aren't You Using Your Post-9/11 GI Bill?

When I was on Active Duty in the Air Force, I put my Tuition Assistance to good use and knocked out my bachelor's (History) and master's (Creative Writing--can't you tell?) degrees. 

The past is getting hazier the older I get, but I seem to recall swapping my GI Bill for the Post-9/11 at some point. The cool thing about that was I could transfer it to my children. So...that's what I did!

Now what about you? If you're a Veteran, are you using your GI Bill? If not, why not? Did you transfer it to your dependent? 

Either way, Veterans--please don't let it go to waste because that's literally throwing away good money... 

Prosper with the Post-9/11 GI Bill

I love the Post-9/11 GI Bill because it is going to fund the first two years of college for my kids (because I transferred half to each before I got out). 

What's really awesome about it, though, is that if you give it to your dependents, you can always transfer some back to yourself at any time. 

It's YOUR benefit and always will be. So you can give or you can take away. 

Maybe you've thought about going back to school yourself. Do it! Your kids can get a job or apply for a scholarship! Or maybe do ROTC (no, seriously. Why not?).

But let's say you don't want to go back to school because [insert valid excuse here]. I understand. Truly. 

But you can also use your funds to pay for non-degree vocational training or even entrepreneurship training. In theory, the Post-9/11 should cover all public in-state tuition and fees, plus offer cash directly to the member to pay for housing and books. If you do decide to let your kids use it, great! Let them stay with you and make 'em pay rent!


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