meet cake


Meow! (or Welcome to Money for Vets!)

This is Birthday Cake, aka Cake for short. I don't know what breed she is, but the color pattern of her fur is nicknamed "tuxedo"...which is awesome. She's a fancy kitty. 

Cake was adapoted from Heartland Humane Society in Oregon. I don't know if she's my Emotional Support Animal or I'm her Emotional Support Human, but we get along pretty well. 

A month after I brought her home to be an indoor cat, she got out and was missing for over a month. Finally I got a call that someone had found her, and she's stuck by my side ever since!

Oh, and the "Secret of Cake?" Cake's my editor. Sort of. I freelance write from home quite a bit, and whenever she feels I need to take a break, she'll come over and sit directly on my forearm so I can't move the mouse anymore. Gives me a chance to rest and come back to the writing with a fresh set of eyes!