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Welcome to Money for Vets!

I'm Matt Cates, retired Air Force Knowledge Ops Manager, aka the admin guy. I enlisted in the USAF in '94, a few years after I'd moved from my childhood home in Oklahoma out to northern California. 

After 21 years, 8 duty assignments, 2 deployments (Afghanistan in '06 and Iraq in '09), I decided to call it a day. But during my active duty career I completed a master's degree in Creative Writing, hoping to become a novelist after I got out. Well, I wrote two books but never sold anything. Oh well, such is life. 

I retired abroad with my family, and worked on my VA claims overseas...which was a nightmare. Then my spouse moved back to the States with our kids so I returned, too...with no job lined up, no connections, and--after the divorce was filed--no place to live!

My pension and disability kept me afloat but most of it went to support her and the children, leaving me struggling. Luckily I found an old coworker in a nearby town who put up with me crashing at his place for a few weeks, as I hunted for work and a new home. 

I also did some freelancing to help make ends meet. I started writing a bit for GI Jobs and many other clients around the world. A lot of the topics I write on relate to military and Veterans matters, so I decided to launch a site dedicated to the topic. And here it! 

Not here to sell anything. I don't have any eBooks or courses, and I don't get paid to write this content. I do have some ads spread around, to (hopefully) help offset the cost of having this site hosted. So if you see an interesting ad, feel free to check it out. But other than that, the site's just my way of saying Thanks for Your Service and I hope you find something which helps you and/or your family in some way. If you do, let me know! I want your feedback so I know what I'm doing right (or wrong!). 



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