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VA's Transitional Assistance Program - Get Ready for the Jump!

Whether you've already made the jump from military to civilian life, or you are about to, you've probably heard of the Transitional Assistance Program (or TAP or TAPS). Most military installations offer some customized variety of this course for personnel within a year of separation. 

All I can say as a Veteran who retired after 21 years of service is--PAY ATTENTION! 

The information you'll get at TAP is really important. But it's also not the end of your journey to gather intel. Instead, consider it the beginning! Any time you jump from one point to another, you need a jumping off point. So that's TAP. But once you're in the air, you don't want to land with your eyes closed! 

I don't know; that's a horrible analogy. I'm tired. But my point is, seriously--pay attention and learn everything you can. Life "out there" can be tough. I know, life in the military is tough. But they are different kinds of tough. Don't find this out the hard way. Listen to folks who've been there/done that. 

Here's a video of some of those folks. As stated in the YouTube description which I just borrowed: "It describes the realities of transitioning to civilian life and anecdotal lessons learned to promote the value of the program." 

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Veteran transition to civilian life

Veteran transition to civilian life

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